Sunday, December 1, 2013

Shadow Lovers (Shadow Lovers #1)

Title: Shadow Lovers (Shadow Lovers 1)
Author: Rose Archer
Genre: new gothic erotic romance
Length: short novel / 30,000+ words
Current status: eBook on sale at Amazon, worldwide.

Two men want Ivy - and they won't share.
One man must have her in order to live.
The other man is a ghost and nothing can stop him from taking what he wants.

Nothing can stop Tristan. Ivy has always fantasized about him. He was an orphan, and the ward of her great-great grandfather's—like her very own Heathcliff.

She just survived a trial where she was acquitted on murder charges. Free, but exhausted and still disgraced, she retreats from London to the ruined abbey where Tristan once lived. She finds Tristan’s ghost there. He wants her as much as she wants him. But his love comes at a cost: every time they’re together, Ivy’s body is dangerously drained of energy.

Hugh has nothing to lose. He's single, handsome, and he inherited a fortune. His life should be as perfect as his looks, but a ghost of his own is killing him, and he can’t stop it. When he meets Ivy, he recognizes the signs. Ivy has a ghost, which means she’s the only person who can understand what he’s going through. It also means he's going to have to watch her slowly die, which he can't bear.

Hugh proposes. He has a desperate plan. If Ivy marries him and they ground themselves in the real world, perhaps they can break free… or at least live life to the full in whatever time they have left.

Ivy will have to choose between them: a living man she's falling in love with, or a ghost she has fantasized about for years. Neither man is going to give her up without a fight.