Innocence ~ The Debauchery of Dorian Gray

“Lucifer,” she called him. “What else would I expect? Murder. The promise of gold at my feet, although it could not possibly be enough.” She stared at his lips. “Temptation.” Her eyes met his. “My ruin."
The most beautiful, most eligible, and most notorious man in London just kicked open her locked door. Dorian Gray has come to destroy everything in Sybil's life.

In a moment of madness, as everything crashes around her, Sybil decides to make this crazed man--this fallen angel--her first... because he will probably be her last.

However, no one ever knows his true motives. The most important questions have not been answered:
Why is he there?
Why has he singled her out?
Most importantly, what will happen to her when he's done?

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NOTE: This is an erotic short for adults, only.